Start Ups

Start Ups

Are you a start-up with a visionary idea to support the digital transformation of the fashion industry? Does your solution utilise disruptive technologies to innovate CRM, omni-channel, customer databases, digital marketing, payment, delivery or security? Do you have the passion, drive, skills and people to propel your business and make it prosper over the long-term?

We want you to be part of Loomish.

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We are committed to making Switzerland the global driver of digital innovation in the fashion industry. As such we are committed to offering 360° support to the start-ups with the ideas and skills to make this a reality.

Be coached

Stay in touch with a team of talented coaches, who will follow you throughout your journey, offering insights along the way. 

Get office space

Enjoy working from modern office space, equipped with everything you need for success, in the FDL in Pura or Lugano. 

Meet investors

We help find you investors so you can stop worrying about the cash and focus on driving your business forward. 

Meet customers

Be introduced to your target customer, i.e. fashion brands and service providers, and sell them your product. 

Legal and fiscal support

Switzerland is going through a lot of legal changes right now – we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Community life

Forge important connections by being part of a tight-knit network of coaches, investors and potential customers. 

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We want you to be part of Loomish.

We want you to find innovative solutions to the real challenges impeding fashion brands from realising their digital potential. We want you to drive the changes that will capsize the digital landscape in Switzerland.

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