Service Providers

Service Providers

Are you an enterprise looking to partner with top fashion labels? Are you seeking the disruptive technologies that will redefine the digital landscape? Tomorrow's great start-ups are here and ready to scale; do you want to be part of the future?

We want you to be part of Loomish.

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Switzerland is renowned for its digital excellence and innovative flair.

Join Loomish and be part of the fashion revolution. 

Meet clients

Be part of a tight-knit community of fashion brands, C level managers and investors – all potential clients

Integrate start-ups

Found the digital solution your company needs? Integrate the start-ups with the ideas into your company. 

Keep Pioneering

Loomish is your key to discovering the most ground-breaking ideas and solutions that will redefine the digital age. 

Forge partnerships

Get networking and enter into lasting and perhaps unexpected collaborations with leaders in various industries. 

Be in the know

Keep apace with changing market trends and customer expectations as they evolve faster than ever before. 


Maintain your position as the leader of innovation by investing in high-potential disruptive technologies.

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We want you to be part of the Loomish. We want you to benefit from the innovative solutions to the real challenges you face as you further embrace digitisation. We want you to drive the changes that will capsize the digital landscape in Switzerland.

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