Our mission is to guarantee you a lucrative investment. Our industry experts vet the seed-stage companies, selecting only the most promising, and put them in direct contact with the fashion brands, enabling them to grow quickly. And of course, boosting your share value. But it doesn’t stop there. The start-ups are acquired by the enterprises, triggering exponential business growth and huge returns on your investment. 

This is a game changer, and we want you to be part of it.

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Small investors

Make a low risk investment in some of the most exciting digital companies and avoid cashing out on stock market and brokerage firm fees.

Mid-size investors

Let your passion for digital technologies run wild and play an active role in helping drive the innovative future of fashion

Institutional investors

Gain power and influence in the lucrative digital fashion industry and see big returns in the long-term.


Investing in our start-ups means investing in exciting companies with ground-breaking ideas. Investing in digital transformation means investing in an innovative, sustainable and lucrative industry. Investing in private equity means making a low risk, high return investment over the long-term.

Solid investment

Putting your money in private equity represents a low risk, high return investment over the long term. 

Diverse portfolio

A diverse portfolio is a good portfolio. Fund-of-funds represents the back-bone to your investment ventures. 

Futureproof industry

e-Fashion has a proven track-record of success, and the industry is expected to grow by 25% by 2025.  

Sleep easy

Be assured of success as our start-ups receive 360° support, training and coaching every step of the way. 

Shape the digital future

Get excited about playing an active role in the digital transformation of fashion, and helping define the future. 

Community life

Find new partners by networking with top level managers, world-class fashion brands and pioneering start-ups. 

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We want you to be part of Loomish. We want you to benefit from the innovative solutions to the real challenges you face as you further embrace digitisation. We want you to drive the changes that will capsize the digital landscape in Switzerland.

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