Fashion and Retail Brands

Fashion and Retail Brands

Do you represent a world-class fashion or retail brand embracing digitisation to exceed your evolving customer expectations? Do you want to find the smartest business model to unlock the burgeoning potential of the digital fashion industry? Are you facing challenges concerning creating a seamless omni-channel experience, profiling and increasing your customer base, reducing outsourcing costs?

We want you to be part of Loomish.

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Digital fashion is already a strong industry; and by tackling the challenges restricting digitisation head on, we know it can be even stronger.

Join Loomish and seize the opportunity to realise the full digital potential of your brand. 

Be a pioneer

Loomish is your key to discovering the most ground-breaking innovation that will redefine fashion in the digital age. 

Be in the know (concetto Market Research)

Keep apace with changing market trends and customer expectations as they evolve faster than ever before. 

Boost the margin

In an evolving and uncertain global market, innovation is the enabler of greater profitability.

Management growth

Reap the benefits of world-class training programmes, designed to fill the skills gap and inspire innovative thinking.  

Brand Value

Tomorrow success stories in your portfolio today, to raise your shares' market values.

Forge connections

Network with other top fashion brands, brainstorm together, and enter into previously inconceivable partnerships.

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We want you to be part of Loomish. We want you to benefit from the innovative solutions to the real challenges you face as you further embrace digitisation. We want you to drive the changes that will capsize the digital landscape in Switzerland.

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